How to purchase BITCOIN

Bitcoin  – Bitcoin is probably the best way to pay for an order quickly, securely, and fee free. Bitcoin transactions are fast becoming the preferred method of payment on the internet and if remaining anonymous is important to you i.e. you do not wish to leave a paper trail with your banks then bitcoin payment is absolutely the best way to go. If you are new to bitcoin then please read our information page located here which details exactly what you need to from start to finish to get yourself set up using bitcoin. We promise you once you start using it to make payments online you will not regret it and will never look back.

How to buy BITCOIN

For further information on obtaining and purchasing bitcoin, please visit or

What next?

  1. On the checkout page, you will be granted your personal payment address for your order. Copy this to your clipboard.
  2. Login to your or account .
  3. Select withdraw.
  4. Paste the payment address you received on your chems direct checkout page.
  5. Click send/withdraw
  6. Wait for 1 payment confirmation.
  7. Order complete.